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Event Management Services

From Online to Finish Line, We Make It Happen!

PikuSports Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has all the skills, the equipment and the energy to make anything happen! We can get you started, from course set-up to marketing and sponsorship. Our team loves this industry and we enjoy creating something from scratch. We can curate events as per your needs. We have worked with many non-profits as well as for profit companies.

We are specialist into Multi-Sports Events, Sports Marathon, Cyclothon, Walkathon, Virtual Races, Corporate Marathon, Corporate Zumba, Corporate Yoga, Theme Based Events, Festival Celebrations, Dance & Music Programs, Dandiya Nights and Cultural Events to name a few.

Where to start? Start here - email at [email protected].

We excel in following services:

Event Conceptualizing and Organizing
Creative event planning with precision for memorable and seamless experiences.
Event Management
Event management entails coordinating, planning, and executing events with precision and expertise.
Social Media Marketing
Strategic promotion for brand visibility and audience engagement.
Brand Activations
Engaging strategies to enhance brand presence through interactive experiences.
Events Infra Set-up
Organize and arrange for seamless execution of successful events.
Celebrities Management
Coordinate and oversee activities of public figures and personalities.
Partners & Sponsorships
Collaborate for mutual support and promotional opportunities.
Race Management
Encompass the process of signing up for events through various channels.
Volunteers Management
Organize and oversee activities of individuals contributing time and skills.
Online and Offline Registrations
Encompass the process of signing up for events through various channels.
Event Goodies
Giveaways for branding and engagement with attendees.
...anything you want
Not happy with these!! Want more, feel free to ask.

Let us sit down with you and plan out your future event!

Reach out to us with your requirements on above e-mail address.

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Previous Partners & Sponsors

We work with an extensive amount of partners and investors who not only help us promote
our events but also make impactful contributions in the life of our community.