Super Heroes Run – 6 December 2015

Super Heroes Run – 6 December 2015

At CWG Sports Complex, Akshardham, New Delhi

First ever Sprint Running Event organized in Delhi/ NCR exclusively for kids

When 400+ kids run more than 40 races on a single day between age from 2 to 21 and overall 1000+ of gifts / medals / certificates / trophies get distributed that means it was done with lots of hard work and courage.

When more than 1000 people visit in which half of the gathering are kids and we do it safely that means there were some people who were really giving their best.

Therefore we take this opportunity to thank all the Volunteers / Organizers / Technical Team and others who worked so hard early morning and late nights to make it success.

Also a BIG Thanks to all our Sponsors/ Coaches/ Trainers/ NGO volunteers  for supporting us in all best possible ways to truly make Super Heroes Run the most unique sprint running event for kids of all age categories. We look forward for organizing more events in coming days!

This was a welcome step from Piku Sports & IPR Team to encourage kids participation in professional race track events.