Football can be a great workout for healthy lifestyle and lots of fun. Regular practice and participation in matches can help to cope in competitive match situation & build-up confidence.

Football involves development of following skills:

  • Ball feeling
  • Passing and Control
  • Turning
  • Dribbling and Shooting
  • Heading and Defending
  • Running with the ball

The importance of warming up & cooling down, nutrition, match day anxieties are also part of most training sessions. One learns to motivate each other and be a team-player.  The health benefits include that it:

  • Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health
  • Lowers body fat and improves muscle tone
  • Builds strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Increases muscle and bone strength
  • Improves health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting

So, with many benefits list above – why to wait. Start dribbling your fitness with fun sport!