Delhi Kidsathon 1st Edition – 10 April 2016

Delhi Kidsathon 1st Edition – 10 April 2016

At CWG Sports Complex, Akshardham, Delhi

After great success of ‘Super Heroes Run’ we are proudly back to announce ‘Delhi Kidsathon’.

Thanks to all parents/ kids who were continuously asking for the next event date after ‘Super Heroes Run’. So here we are with Kids Marathon as ‘Delhi Kidsathon’.

We know that good habits start early in life. This is why the whole idea is to again motivate kids and inculcate sports culture within them. Needless to say sports brings a lot of inherited benefits to the kids and boost their confidence which helps in even studies. As per many researches, active kids work and play better. They also have increased concentration, better school attendance and behavior, healthier eating habits and a stronger sense of self than inactive kids.

So, encourage your kids to be part of this event organized by PikuSports & IPR.

Age Categories  &  Race Distance:
Less than or = 6      1 Kms
Less than or = 10    2 Kms
Less than or = 15    3 Kms
Less than or = 21    5 Kms
Couple Race for Parents (Male 400*2 / Female 400*1) = 1.2 Kms